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Tips on How to Learn Speak German Fast

There are many reasons why people choose to learn German. While some might want to relocate to Germany, others simply find out that German clients are eager to buy from them, so they want to learn how to interact better with their precious clients.

If you are looking for quick tips on how to learn german fast, you have come to the right place. Just like any other language, German has its secrets. This article will provide you with useful tips on how you can learn to speak the language fluently in a short period of time.

4 Tips on How to Learn Speak German Fast

1.Embrace the Infinitive

woman reading bookModal verbs are extremely important in German. Instead of focusing on learning all forms of verbs, conjugations and declensions, why not focus on learning these 7 important modal verbs? Here they are:

– Wollen (want)

– Können (can)

– Dϋrfen (be allowed to)

– Sollen (should)

– Möchten (would like)

– Mϋssen (must)

– Mögen (like)

As long as you know how to use these modal verbs, creating sentences will become much easier.

2. Practice vocabulary

Learning and practicing vocabulary is a must for learning to speak German like a native. The most 1,000 most common words in German are probably making over 80% of all the written language. Memorize them and you will get an unfair advantage in learning how to speak German.

3. Bring Germany to your Home

You definitely don’t need to relocate to Germany in order to start learning this language. You can now immerse yourself in the German language by making your computer bilingual, watching German TV shows and movies, and find local communities of German speaking people. Facebook is a great place to start, but you also need a friend or two to chat with in real life.

4. Make the Most of Language Hacks

Woman on laptopA language hack is a shortcut that will help you learn the desired language faster. Some of the best language hacks you can use are the Pomodoro Technique, using Mnemonics to associate words and memorizing regular phrases. You can also learn German online using the Pimsleur Approach.

Now that you are aware of these tips on how to learn to speak German fast, it is time to begin your journey in learning this beautiful language. As long as you commit yourself to learning the language and you practice everyday, you will surely know it by heart in no time.