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Mobile Applications For Daycare Programs

Daycare program is growing rapidly day by day. It has now become an issue of great concern to not only the society but the nations and world as a whole. Several things are being tested both socially and technologically to come up with the best programs that would facilitate the flow of activities in a daycare and as well ensure maximum returns since it’s business. There are so many apps that have been developed to this regard. Some are simple to use while others are complicated. These mobile app for childcare providers have made the general operations of a daycare program a great success. The success achieved is regarding security to valuable information of the company, ease of access to the clients, remote services, coordination and monitoring, health and so much more. Some of these mobile apps are as follows;


Jackrabbit care

Jackrabbit is an online software that is a complete management system ideal for a daycare Centre. It includesbaby many facilities such as online registration, parents’ portal, immunization programs, split family billing and check-in/check-out clock. This app has been totally simplified for users. It is very effective.

Kinder lime

Kinder lime is an online daycare software that is used expansively for sign in out, online tuition collection and even billing. Because of its many benefits, thekinder lime app has expansive utilized in a tremendous array of programs. You can conveniently email information to parents throughout the day with less hassle.
Teachers, workers and any other people involved in the daycare program can sign in and their hours will be well calculated as well. This app contains so many features that help it work even more efficiently on a broad spectrum.


This is a web-based daycare management system which will help the performance of your program improve. It’s a user-friendly program that is easy to navigate. When used in a daycare, it provides easy access for parents, brings uniformity to sites and as well facilitates for easy online payments which is done at any convenient time of the day and which reduces paper handling.

Cake child care

small kidsIt’s a freely available software that contains an unlimited number of children and families, parent portal, and mobile app. It includes features such as billing and invoicing, calendar management, check in/ check out, employee management, food program records, daily reports, immunization reports and so much more. This app is also very easy to use if its operations are well understood.

Computer applications have been crucial in overseeing the overall operations of any daycare. Proper apps must be employed for maximum results. The program developers should also share the important details pertaining the use of their apps. This will enhance ease of use by the customers.