How to make the spelling learning process easier in 6 easy steps

Whether you are an adult or a 6th grader, learning how to spell can sometimes be a hurdle. From the silent letters to the similar pronunciations for different wordings, you will notice that the spelling words for 6th graders can be difficult to keep track, particularly on the various spellings. Therefore, if you are wondering how you can teach your kid easier, you can make use of a lesson plan template. This way, everything will be more organized.

Here are a few simple steps on how to make the spelling learning process easier.

How to make the spelling learning process easier

1. Learn the basic rules of spelling.

The Internet provides various sources online that can guide you on the basic principles of how to spell. For example, the ‘i’ before ‘e’ rule, which applies to certain words, except after c and words that have the ‘ay’ sound such as weight and neighbor; the basic rule of spelling plural nouns, like when to add ‘es’ or ‘s’ and so on.

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2. Keep a personal spelling log.

This allows you to identify your most problematic words and thus be in a better place to find out how to make the spelling learning process easier. Write the words as you’d write them normally, along with their correct spelling. Look at the differences in the words, as this helps you note your spelling errors while figuring out how to remember the right spelling. Additionally, find a sympathetic friend to test you out on the words regularly until the words are fixed in your mind.

3. Use a specialized dictionary.

Unlike typical dictionaries that only give meanings, these types of dictionaries focus more on the words. For instance, a spelling dictionary may offer different variations of a word, making it easier to tell where different suffixes should be added for different word spellings and meanings.

4. Pronounce the words out loud, as they appear.

Rather than pronouncing ‘edge’ as ‘ege’, try to pronounce it as ‘e-d-ge’. This makes remembering how it’s spelled much easier.

5. Read.

Reading is an essential part of how to make the spelling learning process easier. From books, magazines, food packages, to daily newspapers, all these can come in handy. Aside from learning new words, you’ll also unknowingly have a many word spelling patterns stuck to your memory.

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6. Play word games.

Word games such as Word Spin, Scrabble, and Boggle, can make the spelling learning process, both fun, and interactive.

Besides word games, also consider trying out a spelling software program. This can either be an online tool or an application that can be downloaded to your phone. Ensure that it’s a trusted educational resource, especially if it’s intended to be used by a child.