a baby and a laptop

Three Smart Ways to Make Your Kids Familiar with Technology

It is widely believed that introducing technology to kids can be harmful to their development. And it is true that some contents on the Internet are not appropriate for minor viewers. However, despite all of those negative consequences, our society cannot live separately from technology use.

Let’s imagine gadgets and the Internet as a beast. Instead of avoiding them, it would be better if we get ourselves familiar with the beast so that we can control them later. The same logic applies here. Your kids are better to learn about the educational use of gadgets from you. And here are three ways to get the most benefits from technology for your kids.

Typing Games

Almost all modern works require proficient computer skills. And the most fundamental one is the ability to type fast. Furthermore, as soon as your kids go to an elementary school, there will be plenty of subjects that will need them to use a computer. Therefore the sooner you teach your kids to type, the better.

Luckily, learning to type does not have to be a dull activity. The typing games that are available online can be a means to boost your kid’s typing ability without making the whole process lacking creativity. We recommend you to play dance mat game right now on kidstyping.org to see how suitable the gameplay is.

Language Learning Apps

e-learning with laptopIntroducing a new language to kids can boost their cognitive abilities. The more you enrich them with new words from a new culture, the better their brain processes information. Here are the most suitable apps for that purpose: Stories by Gus on the Go, Duolingo, Little Pim, Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds, Learning by Mindsnacks, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends – First Words. All of these apps will be interesting to your kids because they all have colorful designs and cute-looking mascots.

However, not all of them are free. Some are accessible freely during the trial period, while the others have complete features that are available only for a paid subscription. Therefore, you should check them one by one to see which app is worth your money. Besides, you can stop paying anytime. There won’t be any significant financial loss if you try the app for fun.

Lego for Kids

lego figure and a chipHumans’ instinct is to build, and this is a fact that Lego managed to perceive decades ago. The company overthrew Hasbro in 2012 and became the second largest toy manufacturer in the world. Despite the ingenuity of their products, the primary thing that makes Lego successful is their clever strategy that aligns with human’s natural urge to create. Instead of selling toys, Lego produces building blocks that can be transformed into anything, depending on the player’s imagination.

To your kids, Lego blocks can give them a simulation of being an engineer. During the early introduction, you should not force them to build sophisticated constructions/structures. You should get them interested in the game first. Later on, you can make them join a Lego robotic class to learn more about the most fundamental things in programming and engineering.


What To Expect In A Perfect Kids Nursery School

A child is a gift. It’s exciting to watch a child grow from one milestone to another. It’s fulfilling when the kid is of age to attend kids’ nursery school. As a parent or guardian, you have to ensure that the kid’s garderie boisbriand (nursery school) is perfect. Discussed below is what to expect in an excellent kids nursery school.

What To Expect In A Perfect Kids Nursery School

A spacious outdoor and indoor area

The nursery school outdoor and area must have adequate space to allow kids play every day. Through play, a child can socialize, be creative, improve on communication and sharpen the listen skills. Furthermore, through playing, physical and emotional development is enhanced.


There should be adequate toys for kids to play with. However, a member of staff should be available to supervise the children as they enjoy their social activities and play with the toys. Kids nursery based in the cities may not have ample outdoor space. This should be complemented by a spacious indoor area and should always take the kids to a local park regularly.

A well-organized classroom

On walking to the classroom, it must be well arranged. This will teach the child from a tender age to be organized. The classroom should be large enough and colorful. There should be wall hangings that contain paintings and drawings that the kids have taken the time to do them. This is very encouraging as it portrays the nursery school values creativity and talent nurturing. Books should be enough and relevant to the kids. A classroom, if well planned and designed nurtures a child curiosity and arouses the urge to learn about his/her world.

Good reputation

It’s obvious a perfect kid’s nursery school have a good reputation. The parents whose kids attend the nursery recommend it to interested parents. The school should have a certificate of registration and displays it openly for everyone to see it. Still, the cleanliness of the school must be of high standards. The floors and the corridors should be spotless clean; the walls and the kitchen area should not be left out as well. The rooms should be warm enough, well lit and at the same time proper ventilation.


Friendly staffs

The employees of the school must be very friendly and have a passion for what they do. The teachers should be interested in the kids and solve issues in a calm but timely manner. The teachers should be inquisitive about the interest and the well-being of the child as a whole. The staff should ask kids question and listen to them. This enhances language development in kids.