Tips to make school interesting for kids

Education is an important part of modern society. This is why everyone values education, including government, which is why they use a lot of funds to avail education to everyone. Since the conception of education, we have been experiencing a lot of school dropouts in recent times than ever. This is mainly attributed because, in the contemporary times, school seems to lose the factor of being interesting.

While the options for the teenager might be limited, making school exciting for kids is very easy. Many schools have realized that if a child is schooled well, their future is certainly bright. Below we will look at how these schools are making children excited about school.

Making schools exciting for kids

GamesYoung child

Playing is an integral part of any young one, regardless of species. If kittens are regarded as cute when playing around, human children should also be given the same opportunity. Especially in developing regions of the world, you will find that kids are given more time to read than play. Parents place a lot of pressure on kids to perform well in school work right from the first day they set foot in school.

Education professionals have had very little luck in convincing parents to let their kids play more. Hence this task is left to the schools and teachers to implements. Schools that deal with young children should have specialized curriculums that incorporate various enjoyable games.


It is imperative to take note of the fact that people have different hobbies and likings, and this is no exception for kids. While it is the responsibility of parents to guide their children as they grow up, it is none of their business to try and shape them to pick a career of interest. By subjecting kids to career pressure, like telling them, they should be doctors or pilots; we interfere with their inner creativity and talents. Schools should have avenues to spot and nature abilities. If a child is allowed to explore their gifts at school, they will wake up every morning looking forward to going to school.


The world is all about wrongs and rightYoung child with balls, and children have to learn this as they grow up. Children are born innocent with a limited capability to understand stuff, which improves as they grow up. This is why we should remove severe punishment, like whipping in schools and even at home. When a child does something wrong, in most cases, it is out of ignorance, punishable by guidance rather than pain.

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The importance of extracurricular activities for children

It is unfortunate that many parents want their children to excel in academics only and forget about other activities that make their children happy. Such parents force their children to spend many hours reading books so that they can get good grades in school. Some schools have the same mentality of keeping students in the classroom for long hours at the expense of extracurricular activities. Having such a mentality is wrong because children need to engage in activities that would help them develop in all spheres of life.

The following are reasons why parents and teachers should allow children to participate in extracurricular activities.

Socializing the children

When children are away from class, they tend to have more freedom to socialize with each other compared to when they are in the four corners of their classroom. Activities such as sports and performing arts offer the children an opportunity to interact with the other children and build a strong character. Many of the activities children build outside the classroom require good communication skills that are very important in the social development of the child.


Developing talent

Not all the children are academically endowed. Forcing all children to pursue a white-collar career by focusing on academics only is ill advised. Some children excel in other areas away from academics where they can have an opportunity of building a promising career. Therefore, the importance of extracurricular activities for children is that it allows them to develop their talents early enough.

By the time they reach adulthood, they have mastered their respective talents in sports or the arts. In fact, today, the talented professionals in fields such as sports and entertainment earn more than the white collar professionals.

Helps in physical development

Most of the extracurricular activities require the kids to engage in physical activities that help them have healthy bodies. Spending long hours in class is not the best thing for children. They require time to play, move around, and travel. When children participate in sports, hiking, and general play, they develop good bodies, both physically and mentally.

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From the above few points, the importance of extracurricular activities for children is quite clear. Parents and teachers who only value academics should reconsider their attitude towards extracurricular activities. In fact, most of the modern schools have a balanced curriculum that assesses the ability of a child to take part in both class work and non-class work. It is through such that the society can have people who are all rounded. The perception that success comes through academics only is misguided.

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