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FAQs For Driving Schools You Should Know

Here are some of the FAQs for driving schools that driving students ask. According to a senior manager of Intensive Driving Courses Edinburgh, analyzing the frequently asked questions will enable one to know the common needs, complaints, and mistakes as well as get solutions for them. They can shed some light to some of the questions you might have.

Frequently asked questions for driving schools

How many lessons can I take to learn how to drive?

Every student has different abilities. For this reason, the number of lessons will depend on each’s driving abilities. A driving instructor will have to assess your skill level to give you a clear estimate of the number of lessons you will need to take.

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Will I learn how to drive a manual or automatic car?

Driving a manual or automatic vehicle normally depends on your skill level, personal choice and the amount of confidence you have practicing in either of these vehicles. The driving instructor will be able to assist you with this.

How do I book a driving test?

After making all the required payments, your instructor will take care of the tests and he or she will ensure you take the test only when they believe you are ready to take it.

Is it easier to drive automatic cars?

This depends on an individual. Some people find it very easy to drive automatic cars, and other have an easy time driving manual cars. However, it normally also depends on which vehicle you were trained in first. If you started out with an automatic car, you should have an easy time driving it compared to an automatic car. The same case applies if you started out on an automatic car.

Can I have the lessons in my friends’ or family member’s vehicle?

There are times when driving students prefer learning in their family vehicles or friend’s cars especially if the vehicle will be used for the driving tests. Using a vehicle of your choice is possible. However, this is only allowed if the vehicle is registered, insured and roadworthy. You should, therefore, expect the instructor to check your vehicle for road worthiness before it is approved for the lessons.

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Will I need to practice?

Driving is something that requires constant practicing especially when you have had a few lessons. This is because it enables you to test what you have learned and build your confidence. It might also make the lessons easier and faster for you. It is, however, advisable to have a parent or experienced driver with you when you are practicing to prevent any accidents.