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How to Choose the Best Secondary School in Singapore

Students in Singapore join secondary schools after PSLE results are out. This post is going to discuss the important pointers that can help you in choosing the best secondary school for your child. Most of the students and parents are filled will anxiety when the results are being released. After the results are out, pupils and parents are given one week to choose their best schools. Outlined here below are the main pointers and factors that you need to consider when choosing a secondary school in Singapore for your child.

Referring to the available secondary school’s booklets


These are the booklets’ issued to primary six students. The ministry of education has a responsibility of ensuring that these students are issued with these important documents. Some of the essential details contained in this booklet include the following: a list of co-curricular activities, students’ scores in different streams in schools, school’s programmes and location.

Accessing your child

You should consider those schools that have cultural values and environment that resonate with the student’s character and learning style. A good school should focus on those activities and programmes that cater for the interests and strength of your child.

Listening to your child

Most of the parenting experts emphasize on the children’s opinion. It should always be prioritized as far as choosing a secondary school is concerned. Parents are advised to discuss the school choices with their children. Apart from the academic aspects, it is also important to look at the different programmes and environment of the school. Remember that it is your child who will bear the responsibility for the choice made.

Comparing academic standards

Every parent should be aware of the abilities if his or her child. The PSLE results can help you in making a good judgement on the weaknesses and strengths of your child. This is considered as one of the best criteria for choosing a good school.

Affiliated schools

Sometimes you may opt to choose a school that is affiliated with a primary school. Students who are interested in joining secondary schools that are affiliated with primary schools should indicate them as their primary choices.

Specialized schools

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Some students are brilliant in certain areas such as sports, sciences or arts. Specialized schools should be considered for such cases. Some of the specialized schools in Singapore include the following: The Singapore School of Sports and school of Arts among others.

The home-school distance

It takes a short time to travel from school to home if the distance is close. This will give your student the energy of focussing in his or her studies because he or she will not get tired when travelling.